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Fabric First

Our Fabric First approach ensures that use of energy is minimised before spending money on expensive renewable technologies. We can design your extension / conversion / refurbishment to Passivhaus and  EnerPHit standards, allowing us to maximise your comfort and minimise your use of energy.




At EcoVert Solutions we use sympathetic, sustainable and breathable materials like Black Mountain sheep wool, hemp or plant and wood-fibre, or Natural Building Technologies' wood-fibre board (Pavadentro, Diffutherm etc,), complemented with lime, hemp-lime or clay based plasters from Ty-Mawr or Claytec, or environmentally friendly drywall from Fermacell, with Baumit lime render, brick or timber finishes externally and breathable natural paints. For extensions, we like Ziegal Thermoplan (see right) - which is also three times quicker to erect than brick and block.


These products are lower in embodied energy than many modern equivalents, can generally be recycled at end of life, and their breathable nature complements the fabric of older buildings, preventing the build up of damaging moisture within the fabric of the building.


Many of these products also lock-up and indeed absorb CO2 as well as absorbing formaldehyde, and other chemicals given off by modern materials, and also aid in regulating temperature and humidity within the home creating a better environment for people with asthma or allergies (see Black Mountain leaflet) . Full details available.


Note: EcoVert Solutions is a Preferred Installer for NBT products including Pavatex, Baumit and Ziegal.

Want to know more about why sustainability matters and what you can do?

If you are interested in our approach to sustainability including the materials we prefer and why,  or have any questions, feel free to contact us or start a conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


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