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For many, building their own home is a cost-effective way to give themselves and their family the freedom to choose exactly what features and aesthetics they want in a property. You have complete control on the design, the materials and building techniques used.


If you’re embarking on building a new property, whether you're planning timber frame, brick and block, or something more radical, have you considered the benefits of using sustainable and energy-efficient technologies? EcoVert Solutions can help to make the structure achieve its maximum energy efficiency potential, which mean significantly lower energy bills, superior comfort and improved sustainability.  


EcoVert Solutions offers dependable support, advice, consulting and sub-contractor services to self-builders seeking to construct their own low-energy homes. Our project management services can reduce costs, improve design and building efficiency and ensure the most suitable materials are used throughout.


From the initial design, architecture and planning, through to finalising the building stages, EcoVert Solutions can offer invaluable advice and assistance, guaranteeing the most efficient use of energy in your new house.

Our knowledge. Your skills. Combined to make the perfect home.


At the design phase, we can work with you to perfect:


  • Energy-efficiency focused architect designs.

  • Virtual energy and thermal modelling, using the latest software.

  • Material advice and selection.

  • Airtightness.


When it comes to the building stage, EcoVert Solutions provide a range of services to maximise efficiency, including:


  • Full project management, to keep the build working harmoniously and on track.

  • Quality control, hand-picking the most suitable and cost-effective materials for each stage.

  • Thermal imaging to identify air leaks and ensure insulation consistency.

  • Airtightness, providing an airtightness champion where necessary.

  • Construction, using sustainable materials, such as timber frames and ultra-efficient Ziegel Thermoplan insulation.


Building a structure from scratch allows you total flexibility to create the most energy efficient home possible. Our experience and skills can help make your dreams a reality.


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