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Passivhaus Custom New-build

Completed in July 2016, a prestigious new home near Wrexham for The Lord Thomas of Gresford and Baroness Walmsley. The first home in North Wales certified to Passivhaus standard, it incorporates the following measures:


  • Insulated raft foundation

  • I-joist floors and roof

  • Warmcel insulation to pitched roof

  • 250mm EPS external insulation with render finish from Wetherby Building Systems

  • Green Building Store Progression triple glazed windows & doors

  • Paul MVHR

  • Airtightness of 0.40 ach

  • 4kWp Roof integrated solar PV with iBoost immersion link

  • Electrically operated Fakro rooflights with external shades & rain sensors

  • SUDS


Architects: Simmonds Mills

Tim Martel, CEPH designer

Alan Clarke, M & E

Bob Johnson, BJSE Structural Engineers.


Achieved air tightness of 0.4 ach @ 50PA - more than 20 time better than building regulations!

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