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23 April, 2014

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17th April, 2012

EcoVert Solutions is pleased to announce  a partnering agreement with Parity Projects, under which EcoVert Solutions will offer the Parity Projects Home Energy Masterplan to its customers. Says Tim Hulse: "The Home Energy Masterplan provides our clients with a valuable tool to help them assess which energy efficiency measures to implement, and in what priority order, taking into account the payback of each measure. Each custom report offers a step by step blueprint to reducing their energy use dramatically, which then links into the range of services we offer to implement the measures recommended."


21st February, 2012

EcoVert Solutions is pleased to announce that Tim Hulse has passed the Certified Passivhaus Designer Examination. Tim says: " I am delighted to have successfully completed this course of study which enables us to offer energy design services for homes which require up to 90% less energy than those built to the minimum standards dictated by Building Regulations. In addition to their low-energy credentials, Passivhaus homes achieve a new level in comfort also. We are also able to apply Passivhaus principles to refurbishments, allowing existing homeowners to significantly enhance their comfort and dramatically reduce their bills too".


19th November, 2012

EcoVert Solutions  has successfully completed a course in modelling of thermal bridges using THERM. Tim Hulse says: "using powerful visual tools to model the heat loss due to thermal bridges will significantly enhance our ability to design out major sources of heat loss in refurbishment and new build - including extensions and conversions - and we will be now offering this as part of our range of services effective immediately."


12th November, 2012

Tim Hulse has begun a course of study leading to the designation Certified Passivhaus Designer. According to Tim, "Passivhaus is the best available standard for low energy buildings and can achieve energy reductions of 90% compared with current building regulations. By adopting Passivhaus approaches in refurbishment as well as new build - including extensions - EcoVert Solutions can bring superior levels of comfort to our customers in addtion to the energy and cost savings.  


The Standard, 9th August 2012 Gil Lightfoot

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