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Living room refurb, Barn Conversion

The clients wished to upgrade a play  

room to improve the insulation and

draughtproofing and increase the

comfort level. The party wall also

required additional soundproofing.


The existing wall finish was removed

around the window in order to seal/fill

gaps/cavities around the frame.

100mm of Kingspan was installed

using battens and helical nails to

minimise thermal bridging and create

a service void. Insulation was returned

on the party wall to reduce thermal



Attention was given to airtightness with the Kingspan being sealed to the window frame using DA-S vapour check and air tightness strips and Orcon-F, and existing service penetrations were sealed using ROLFLEX grommets.


10mm Fermacell board was screw-fixed to the studs,  and glued and screwed to the party wall to provide additional soundproofing, prior to finishing with Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment and painting with Earthborn clay paint.


It is important to note that this solution is not appropriate for all buildings, consideration needs to be given to the risk of interstitial condensation which depends, amongst other things, on the risk of wind-driven rain causing a build up of damp in the wall.





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