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Kitchen Refurbishment, Hempcrete

This Cheshire property was originally converted from its use as a barn in about 1998

to the building standards in effect at that time. The kitchen forms a single storey extension to the rear of the property, with solid-brick walls and has a pitched roof. The kitchen was draughty and cold in the winter, with only 20mm of polystyrene insulation behind the plasterboard, and dark due to the small number of windows.


The owners were planning to replace the kitchen units so the timing was right to upgrade the insulation and draught proofing - it will be a long time before they have the chance again!


The existing plasterboard was stripped back to the brick on external walls and the walls insulated using 150mm of Tradical Hempcrete - a lightweight combination of chopped up Hemp stalk and a lime based binder used extensively in M&S at Cheshire Oaks, or Kevin McClouds Triangle project -  selected because of its breathability, thermal mass and eco credentials. The Hempcrete was supported by a light timber frame to which 10mm Fermacell board was fixed, and finished with   Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment. The ceiling was insulated with 120mm of Kingspan installed beneath the existing polystyrene backed plasterboard, and again finished with Fermacell. Three Velux rooflights were fitted to improve the amount of natural lighting. Surfaces were painted using Earthborn natural clay paint which has zero VOCs.


Since completion, the remaining radiator has not needed to be used - one was not reinstalled - with all the heat provided by the Aga, and the walls feel noticably warm compared with those in the rest of the house.


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