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Old House - Eco House

Just because it's old you don't have to put up ith mould, damp, draughts, cold rooms, overheating rooms or high energy bills! With years of experience in  extensions, refurbishments and retrofits, we can banish the cold, save you money and help to protect our planet from harmful carbon emissions. EcoVert's experts can  eradicate draughts, mould and damp, using cutting-edge techniques.


Whether you’re planning a loft conversion, a kitchen extension, or any other construction work in your home, EcoVert Solutions

can use the opportunity to dramatically increase your home's energy efficiency.   We will help you realise your dream house and  achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.

Listed Building or in a Conservation Area?



If you are the owner of a Listed Building, a home in a Conservation Area, or any home built pre-1919 you may be interested in the following additional services:


  • Assistance in working with your Conservation Officer

  • Use of sympathetic materials

  • Re-pointing using lime mortar

  • Plastering with lime plaster

  • Rendering using lime renders

  • Renovation of lath and plaster

  • Re-furbishment of sash windows

  • Secondary glazing

  • Breathable Limecrete floors

The elegance of traditional buildings; the efficiency of cutting-edge technology.

With an in-depth and sympathetic understanding of traditional buildings and how they work, including listed buildings and those in conservation areas, we work hard to ensure that our projects aren’t detrimental to your building’s original beauty. We work closely with local conservation officers to achieve this.


Our expansive portfolio includes:



Using the latest modelling software and thermal imaging cameras, EcoVert Solutions ensures that every project results in maximum energy efficiency. Upon completion of an upgrade, your heating costs could reduce by up to 80%.



To achieve the most energy-efficient property, every room or property extension in the house would benefit from our retrofitting service, we could even take you to the coveted EnerPHit standard. Of course, there’s no need to do this all at once, and we are happy to survey your home and discuss which rooms would benefit most, on a one by one basis.


From draughty old barns to chilly Victorian terraces, we utilise a combination of traditional and modern sustainable materials & methods to transform properties into warm, dry and secure living spaces.