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Victorian Bedroom Upgrade, Sheep's Wool

The clients wished to improve the insulation and soundproofing in a large bedroom with two

external walls.


Existing skirting and architrave  were removed, sash boxes repaired where they had

disintegrated due to woodworm, an unused chimney bricked up using lime mortar to reduce heat loss, and gaps in the brickwork around the floor joists and in the plasterwork which had been caused by earlier subsidence were repaired with a medium Hemp Lime plaster

from Ty-Mawr.


Lightweight stud walls were then formed adjacent to the external walls with careful detailing around the windows to minimise thermal bridging,  and filled with a continuous  100mm of Ty-Mawr Thermafleece Welsh Wool insulation which was continued into the floor void and also laid under  the existing floorboards to improve insulation and soundproofing from the kitchen below.  


10mm Fermacell board was fixed to the studs,  and finished with Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment prior to reinstating the architrave and skirting boards.


Internal walls had an original lime plaster finish which had deteriotated. A 5mm coat of fine Hemp Lime plaster also from Ty-Mawr was applied to strengthen and restabilise the walls.


Additional plugs sockets were installed and new, smaller radiators were also fitted.






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"The room is far easier to heat and hence much more comfortable. Noise levels are also significantly lower - both coming in from outside and up from the kitchen.."


Mr. Coward., Chester