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A passion for traditional houses

At EcoVert Solutions we have a passion for older houses. Older houses have a character and appearance that reflects the craftsmen who built them and the generations that have lived in them. Built of local, natural, materials - brick, lime, wood, slate - they were appropriate for their time.


The advent of global warming and spiralling energy prices (energy prices have increased by 149% in the last decade) means that many  of these homes now find themselves at the lower end of the scale in terms of energy performance and comfort, and it is time to update  to serve the needs of current and future generations.


Utilising natural materials both traditional and modern, sourced as locally as feasible, supplemented by new technologies and combined with a sympathy and understanding of older buildings, these properties can become more energy efficient than most new buildings - yet still retain their depth of character.


Serving North Wales and the North West, at EcoVert Solutions, we can help you achieve that!





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Want to reduce your carbon footprint by 60% and energy costs by 80%? Contact us...

For a free estimate for your conversion, renovation or extension including how we can help you reduce your energy usage, improve your energy efficiency and make your heritage home warmer and more comfortable, feel free to contact us.


Achieving Zero

Carbon in

Conservation Areas

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Achieving zero carbon in CAs